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The Scottish Rite – often referred to as the “College of Freemasonry” – offers an unequaled continuing education for the study of Freemasonry. If you are already a Mason, you may petition for Scottish Rite membership by asking a Scottish Rite Mason for a petition, or filling out the petition found on this website and sending it in with the appropriate fee.

You can find out information about our next reunion for degrees by visiting the Degree Reunions page. So if you’re a member of another Scottish Rite Valley or wish to take the degrees of the Scottish Rite, please download our application to get started.

Childhood Language Center

The RiteCare® Childhood Language Center of San Francisco is a local operating unit of the California Scottish Rite Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation. Through the efforts of the members of the valley our center has been in operation since 2001.

The San Francisco-Burlingame Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center’s mission is to provide free services for children five to eighteen years of age with speech, language, and literacy challenges. Our center is a philanthropy of the Scottish Rite freemasons, established in 1970. Children who receive our services come primarily from San Francisco County, but also from San Mateo and Marin Counties.

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